Viva’s Blog: Learn from Antonio Vazquez (Who?)

Antonio Vazquez is a guide for Spain’s Sevilla Bike Tour Company. While “guide” may be his title, he’s really a master marketer.

Lesson #1 from Antonio:  PASSION MATTERS

You don’t have to be passionate about your product, service or company to market it, but it helps a lot. Just like you don’t have to love the game of basketball to be a good player, it is almost impossible to be a superstar without passion. Passion is the difference between a good speaker and an evangelist, an online shopper and a brand ambassador.

Passion is about truly believing that your product CAN help others, that it will address their needs as well or better than any other option.

Antonio loves Sevilla, loves history and loves people. His incredible passion radiates from his pores and sprays across his audience.

Does your team exude passion?

Lesson #2 from Antonio: KNOWLEDGE MATTERS
Marketing is about explaining how your product or service solves a customer’s problem. Respectable marketers use messaging that includes truths that resonate with customers.

Antonio studied Spanish history in school and is obsessed with reading different viewpoints about it. His knowledge about each historical site and figure is deep. And importantly, his delivery is sincere and credible.

Are your employees experts in your field?


Lesson #3 from Antonio: STORIES MATTER

How does Antonio impart his deep knowledge of southern Spain’s history? He tells us stories. Stories about his brother’s tour boat, stories about why Sevilla keeps losing rowing events even in their hometown river, and stories about construction projects that are always over budget.

A story is an invitation. An ad is an intrusion. Antonio invited us to partake in Spain’s rich heritage.

How do you use stories in your marketing?

Lesson #4 from Antonio: GIVING MORE MATTERS
Antonio gave us more than we expected. Marketers with impressive customer retention results know the importance of underselling and overdelivering.

Our three-hour tour was three and a half hours. Antonio ended the tour by painstakingly marking a map for every single person on the tour with our route and his favorite dining stops. And throughout the tour, Antonio nimbly used a Go-Pro to capture our experience and then emailed it to us the moment we returned to the bike shop.

How do you deliver more than your customers expect?


Antonio urged us to feel the mosaics on the mosque, smell the sour orange he climbed a tree to pick, and spot minute architectural details along the route. Antonio uses experiential marketing to sell Sevilla.

Word-of-mouth and experiential marketing lead the pack when it comes to marketing effectiveness. A 2017 EventTrack study found that 70% of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing experience.

Are you delivering a memorable experience for your customers? 


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